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Afterschool Discipleship Formation | Religious education has taken on a whole new look as we work together as a Quo Vadis Domine Family of Parishes.

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Adult Volunteers Needed | Embrace your calling as a Catechist! Join the Discipleship Formation Team by volunteering as a Catechist, Catechist Assistant, or Hall Monitor. Adult volunteers receive a tuition discount when they register. Contact Armando Bravo | [email protected]


Baptism Preparation | The Baptism Preparation program reminds parents and parents-to-be of the beauty, importance, and dignity of the Sacrament of Baptism, which bestows the grace and blessings of God on His most precious gifts – babies.

During the bustle and excitement awaiting a baby’s arrival, parents need quiet time to reflect on receiving their new baby as a child of God and prepare for the child’s journey in the Catholic faith.

Parishioners who participate in Baptism Preparation are asked to recommit themselves to embracing the faith and passing it on to the newest members of the Church.

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Contact the Parish Office at (313) 381-5601 for more information

First Reconciliation & Eucharist | Foundational preparation for these sacraments begins in First Grade. Therefore, enrollment in first grade is a pre-requisite for enrollment in second grade.

Immediate preparation for the reception of the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist occurs in the second grade. This preparation is the core of the second-grade curriculum. The sacrament of Reconciliation is celebrated in the Winter, and First Eucharist is celebrated during the Easter season.

Sacraments are, by their very nature, parish celebrations so children from both St. Frances Cabrini Catholic School and the Afterschool Discipleship Formation Program will celebrate the reception of these sacraments together. Informational parent meetings are held for every sacrament. Contact Armando Bravo | [email protected]

Confirmation | The sacrament of Confirmation is celebrated in the eighth grade. Confirmation preparation begins in seventh grade with important background mini courses. The immediate preparation for Confirmation in eighth grade includes classes as well as parish Sunday sessions, retreat, rehearsal, and the celebration of the sacrament along with all St. Frances Cabrini eighth graders.

Confirmation is part of the eighth-grade curriculum of the Afterschool Discipleship Formation Program with opportunities to gather with the 8th-grade students from St. Frances Cabrini Catholic School to experience community building and faith formation opportunities. Informational Parent meetings will be held in the Fall for 8th-grade parents. Contact Armando Bravo | [email protected]

Marriage | Writing invitations, choosing a dress, hiring a photographer – there are so many things for an engaged couple to do that its easy for them to lose sight of the fact that they’re not just preparing for a wedding, they’re preparing for marriage. To start the process of planning your wedding call St. Frances Cabrini Parish Office at (313) 381-5601.

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Parent Meetings for Sacraments | These meetings give us an opportunity to focus on the meaning and power of these sacraments. At least one parent must attend these meetings. Parental involvement is further encouraged through a variety of activities, which are described at the meetings. Regular attendance at Mass is a concrete way of our living out our commitment to worship with our parish faith community. Therefore, regular attendance at Mass, as well as Afterschool Discipleship Formation classes, is a vital necessity for the children who are being led to fuller participation in the Church life, especially through the reception of First Communion.

It is the policy of St. Frances Cabrini that children preparing to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation need to be in their second year of formal religious education (i.e., having been enrolled 1st as well as 2nd grade and having been in 7th as well as 8th grade.) Children who are not baptized need to be enrolled in OCIA, and children who are baptized, but have had no prior religious education are enrolled in Sacramental Preparation after one year in the Afterschool Discipleship Formation Program.

All children must have celebrated the sacrament of Baptism prior to celebrating First Eucharist. The child’s baptismal certificate must be on file if the child was not baptized at St. Frances Cabrini.

OCIA (Order of Christian Initiation for Adults) Adapted for Children | This parish-based program provides sacramental preparation for children in grades 3-8 who have not celebrated the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist, and Reconciliation. Contact Armando Bravo | [email protected]


Holy Orders | Those with a passion for serving others may hear God’s call to turn to the diocesan priesthood and consecrated life to fulfill their life’s mission.

Religious vocations include the diocesan priesthood and permanent diaconate, religious order priests, consecrated life, and other religious formations. Each person takes his or her own path in vocations, which could lead to celebrating the Gospel, teaching children, or serving the poor and sick.

If interested, please call the parish office at (313) 381-5601 or the Archdiocesan Office of Vocations at (313) 868-7040 or by visiting


Funerals And End of Life | The Church asks for spiritual assistance for the departed, honors their bodies, and at the same time brings solace of hope to the living. The celebration of the Christian funeral brings hope and consolation to the living. While proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and witnessing to the Christian hope in the resurrection, the funeral rites also recall to all who take part in them God’s mercy and judgement, and meet the human need to turn always to God in times of crisis.

Contact Parish Office | (313) 381-5601

Link to Funeral Liturgy Planning Document


Anointing of the Sick | The Catholic Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick, formerly known as Last Rites or Extreme Unction, is a ritual of healing appropriate not only for physical but also for mental and spiritual sickness.

The Anointing of the Sick is typically offered to those with a terminal condition, about to undergo surgery, receiving treatment for a life-threatening illness, as well as those weakened by old age.

Call (313) 381-5601 to schedule Anointing of the Sick in an emergency or at an arranged time in a parishioner’s home or care facility.