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Fr. Tim Birney

Moderator In Solidum

Fr. Johnson Pradeep

Priest In Solidum

Fr. Ryan Walters

Priest In Solidum

Rev. Mr. Luis Flores

Permanent Deacon

Rev. Mr. Fred Guardiola

Permanent Deacon


Mr. Armando Bravo

Director of Discipleship Formation

Ms. Maria Valdez

Assistant to Discipleship Formation

Mr. Tim Schneider

Director of Music Ministry

Mrs. Therese Tardiff

Director of Engagement


Mr. Travis Greer

Mission Support Director

Mrs. Jennifer Schuman

Executive Assistant

Mrs. Pat O'Hara

Bulletin Editor

Mrs. Loretta Gruse

Administrative Assistant

Mr. Thomas McDonald

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Rachel Lewicki

Administrative Assistant

Mr. Donald Timpf

Facilities Manager

Mr. Chris Chartrand

Facilities Supervisor

Mr. Bismark Rojas

Facilities Technician