Welcome to St. Frances Cabrini Parish

Mass Schedule

Monday: 8:30am
Tuesday: 8:30am, & (6:30pm Labor Day-Memorial Day)
Wednesday: 8:30am
Thursday: 8:30am
Friday: 8:30am
Saturday: 8:30am, 5:00pm Confessions 4:00pm
Sunday: 8:00am, 10:00am, Noon, and 7:00pm (No 7:00pm Mass the weekends of: Memorial Day, Labor Day, Festival, Easter and July 4 or Christmas when they fall on a Sunday or Monday).

Holy Days: 8:30am, 12 noon, 7:00pm Mass of the Day.

Our History

Over 70 years ago the community of St. Frances Cabrini Parish was established to meet the needs of the suburban community of Allen Park, Michigan. Over the years the parish has developed a charism for Catholic Schools along with Religious Education.

The current Cabrini community continues the traditional charism as well as reaching out to those in need of the community. Our patroness, St. Frances Cabrini, told us that she found her strength in the belief that nothing is impossible with God.

Our founding pastor, The Reverend Clare Murphy, reminded us that the soul of Catholic education is the education of the soul. Our patroness and founding pastor continue to offer the kinds of challenge that will keep us connected to our mission.

Parish Mission Statement

As a Faith Community, we are called to serve through WORSHIP, SERVICE and EDUCATION.

Parish Vision Statement

Building upon our catholic tradition and diversity, we are committed to the spiritual and physical well-being of all. Our sacramental life challenges us to a life-long catholic formation and Christian service.

Support and Resources