CabrINi ReimagINed

In January, I shared with you the incredible news of such generosity from the King Family estate and the creation of a new Head of School position to lead Cabrini School into a new chapter. The response has been overwhelmingly positive to our CabrINi ReimagINed endeavors. To be sure, this isn’t just a marketing slogan–it is a vision for success and our goal to create the best Catholic learning environment that positions our students to excel.

This renewed vision calls for innovative and effective implementation of resources: personnel, programs and curriculum. I am happy to announce the following exciting additions and changes to Cabrini Catholic School: the creation of Cabrini Academy for 7th & 8th grades, the return of Mr. Anthony Sahadi as principal of the Academy and High School, the creation of two administrative positions on our Administrative Team, Director of School Improvement, led by Mrs. Donna Sweeney (‘78) and Director of Alumni and Student Engagement, led by Mr. RJ Chidester (‘04). Lastly, in honor of our 75th Anniversary, we’re offering one of the largest financial incentives to students interested in attending Cabrini School–$750 for 75.

New Cabrini Academy

One of our primary goals as a school is to always prepare our students for the next step in their educational process. To best position our students academically and emotionally for the challenging transition to high school, we are excited to announce the newly established Cabrini Academy for 7th & 8th grade students.

Cabrini Academy will be located in Cabrini High School, with a separate entrance and hallway to ensure an appropriate and healthy distinction between the Academy and High School students. We join several catholic high schools within the Archdiocese of Detroit (Shrine High, Royal Oak; University of Detroit Jesuit, Detroit; Notre Dame Prep, Pontiac) who several decades ago established an academy in their respective high schools and continue to experience positive results for the students and school alike.

Cabrini Academy students will benefit from some of the best resources on campus, instruction from both highly qualified academy, and in some instances, high school faculty members, and appropriate integration into the high school experience. This is a new and exciting chapter in the long and storied legacy of effective education and formation of students at St. Frances Cabrini. With CabrINi ReimagINed, we are ALL IN for our students!

Welcome back to Cabrini, Mr. Anthony Sahadi: Academy & High School Principal

I am pleased to welcome back to St. Frances Cabrini a familiar face for many of our school families, Mr. Anthony Sahadi. We were blessed to have Mr. Sahadi serve as the Grade School Principal last year, prior to his family relocating from Washington, D.C. back to Detroit. Mr. Sahadi will return to St. Frances Cabrini as principal of both our newly created Academy (7th & 8th grades) and our High School (9th – 12th grades). He is a proud Detroit native who spent the majority of his career as a teacher and principal in the Archdiocese of Detroit. He is a proven leader of schools, a strong advocate for the intangibles of a Catholic school education, and a positive presence for all who interact with him. He is a proud husband and father of two sons, both of which will be joining the Monarch family!

Mr. Sahadi is uniquely qualified and extremely motivated to guide our students and faculty into this new educational experience. We are blessed to have him join our new Administrative Team and lead our school into this new era by following the courageous example of St. Frances Cabrini who when presented with any new challenge/opportunity/grace proudly proclaimed: ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’

Mrs. Donna Sweeney, Director of School Improvement

For the past 25 years, Mrs. Sweeney has been part of Cabrini High School as student (‘78) teacher, parent, and principal. Our school community has been all the better for her leadership and presence in all of these different roles. I am especially grateful for all the extra layers of difficulty that these past few years have brought to the role of principal. She has handled it all with much grace and organizational leadership. To say that she has worn every possible ‘Cabrini hat’ would have been true, if it wasn’t for this newly created administrative hat she has now agreed to wear as we begin this new chapter at Cabrini School.

For CabrINi ReimagINed to be successful, we require a highly qualified and energized team of administrators. The new Director of School Improvement is a member of the Administrative Team and spreads awareness of policies, coordinates programs to promote the observation of guidelines, works to improve the quality and performance of faculty and curriculum, and oversees the proper record keeping that relates to faculty, staff, students and institution.

This position will also provide resources and training on scientifically based strategies for the purpose of identifying exceptional students and for intervention in their academic progress. This new role will also oversee the daunting accreditation process for Cabrini School which will be occurring next year. Needless to say, it will be a busy job, but we have the right person to meet the challenge in Mrs. Sweeney!

Mr. RJ Chidester, Director of Alumni & Student Engagement

A sign of a healthy school is when graduates seek to return and offer their talents as members of the staff. Cabrini has several examples of this throughout our staff/faculty members, and I am happy to add one more to that list. Welcome back to your alma mater, Mr. RJ Chidester (‘04).

Mr. Chidester will be leading yet another new role within our school as we continue to fulfill the vision of CabrINi ReimagINed. The newly created Director of Alumni & Student Engagement will oversee the outreach and programs related to our dedicated Alumni and take leadership in developing an exciting new student program which will enable Cabrini High School students to learn essential life skills for their future beyond the classroom and give all our families the freedom of making Cabrini High school accessible and affordable. More information on this exciting new endeavor which will revolutionize our school will be forthcoming.

This new role will be part of the Advancement Office and build on the foundation established by our current Directors of Advancement, Mrs. Carole Noel & Mrs. Natalie Zelenak. Mr. Chidester will continue to grow our present Alumni efforts and work diligently to create more in the process.

I would also like to publicly thank Mrs. Cheryl Szczodrowski, or known to most of us as “Ms. Shro”, for her continued dedication and ‘how can I help’ spirit as she transitions back into the classroom, in addition to her ongoing oversight of the high school book store and curriculum.

For the past few years, in the midst of a world-wide pandemic and all the extra layers of complications it has brought with it, Ms. Shro has faithfully served as the High School Dean. Next year will begin her 38th year as a member of the Cabrini Faculty/Staff. She has accepted many roles and responsibilities over those years, and our school is all the better for her commitment. Safe to say, if anyone has been ALL IN for Cabrini, it has been Ms. Shro!

Lastly, I am excited to announce Cabrini’s $750 for 75!

CabrINi’s ALL IN $750 for 75!

To celebrate our 75th Anniversary as a parish, I am excited to announce we are throwing quite the party for our present and future school families! Be one of the first 75 new families to register for school at Cabrini, and you will receive a one-time $750 discount on your tuition for the 2022-23 school year. New families refers to all students who have already or plan to register for Kindergarten, as a Freshman or as a Transfer.

If you are presently enrolled at Cabrini, we haven’t forgotten about you! Register your child(ren) by April 4th, and you will be eligible to be included in a drawing, where 10 winners receive a $750 tuition credit. All credits will be applied at the end of the second semester. A reminder that any present family who refers a new student, also receives a $500 tuition discount. For more information, visit or contact Mrs. Lisa Hughes, Director of Admissions at or 313-388-0110 ext. 1019.

Good things are worth celebrating…and we have much good to celebrate at Cabrini these days! We invite you to spread the good news about our school, to be positive ambassadors for our mission, programs and many success stories that help to tell the story of our beloved Cabrini Catholic School.

These are exciting days to be part of the Monarch family. New leadership and programs will bring new initiatives and vision. Now that we have more resources to make the vision a reality, we can truly say, the future will see CabrINi ReimagINed. We encourage you to be ALL IN for Cabrini!

St. Frances Cabrini, pray for us!

Fr. Tim Birney, pastor