Cabrini Schools are foremost concerned with educating our students – academically, morally, spiritually. Giving educators tools to provide diversified instruction so that all students can succeed is imperative. Each year we carefully review our programs and invest funds so that our students have every advantage in education. As with most schools, technology is allowing us at Cabrini to differentiate instruction so that our students are ready for college and their future.

Through fundraising, donations, budget prioritization and participation in volunteer studies for College Board, we have been able to add Chromebooks, Smartboards, laptop computers, computer projectors, desktops and iPad Airs to enhance instruction, and add content specific technology (for ex., microscope projectors for biology classes). Yearly, we review course offerings and their content to see where we can enhance learning. Courses, such as Engineering, have been added to introduce our students to potential careers in engineering through the use of computer technology and a 3-D printer, along with basic hands-on applications.

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